Hi! Somie here.

If you’re struggling with chronic ailments, recurring stress, and need simple daily recommendations on how to bring balance and good health to you and or your families lives, my hope is you find great tips here.  

As a recovering over stressed auto-immune disease patient with two children struggling with chronic illnesses themselves, I found myself lost on how to navigate the debilitating effects of our illnesses, fatigue, and the stress on how to help myself and my family recover and lead a healthier lifestyle. I feel compelled to share my stories and experiences; not for sympathy but to share that through these trials & tribulations, it brought me to where I am today; a healthier and happier me!

With a nursing background I naturally gravitated to helping others. When my own children’s health kept declining, I felt the need to learn more and so I hit the books, started researching and enrolled back in school to study holistic nutrition, and quantum healing. With a bachelors degree in quantum healing and as a certified Integrative Nutritionist, I have learned how "food is medicine,” and how we think, really does make an impact on how we navigate life healthfully. 

With my own families success, I felt a need to share my experiences and help other individuals with their health journeys. I started my own Health Coaching practice and through the years I discovered that learning to eat real foods and knowing what to eat, wasn’t necessarily always the challenge, the challenge was how to implement these tasks and to do so without the stress and judgements sabotaging our every efforts. 

In my private practice I help individuals with goal setting, focusing on those goals and holding individuals accountable. Whether it’s learning how to eat for personalized health, or combating illnesses in a more holistic way, with food/herbs, meditation, stress management, reiki, etc., my own “been there done that” experiences have really helped me share and empathize with individuals. 


"Your elderberry syrup tastes delicious! And I love that you use real ingredients and no fillers. "